I'm a software engineer!

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Long time, no post! Just wanted to pop in to say that I made it :) I'm officially a software engineer!!!

The #100DaysOfCode challenge helped me snag a 90-day-long apprenticeship position, and at the end of my apprenticeship my team made me a full-time job offer. I've been in my new role as a full-time engineer for 20 days now. It's hard work, but I've learned so much and have been having so much fun through my apprenticeship and in my new role. I'm feeling very grateful and lucky, but am also aware that my privilege helped to get me here, so I'm thinking on ways that I can use it.

Yay 👻


Tony Cimaglia

Thanks again for taking the time to interview me today Tonee! I love hearing about people with non traditional backgrounds like myself moving into engineering!

about 1 year ago

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