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August 8th, 2018 (5:35pm - 8:01pm)

* Attended a "Code Jam" event put on by Women Who Code ATL (but also open to people who weren't women)
* Finally got one of my tests to pass!

I'm proud of myself for getting out there and attending events with people I don't know, AND asking for help! Unfortunately there wasn't anyone at the "Code Jam" event who could help with RSpec this time, but at least I tried :)

I also finally got one of my tests passing! I got that one working pretty close to the beginning of the event, and spent the rest of the time working on the other test I've been working on. I'd like to get it passing as well, but I don't think it's the best approach because it's pretty close to replicating the code I have in my original file which doesn't feel like the most helpful approach to testing.

* https://gitlab.com/twoesplease/pegacorn_project/commit/be801c51b0e7c1dc2689df6f8a7df6ba99f38ec2



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