100 Days of Code R2D14

Submitted almost 5 years ago

(2pm - 2:12pm)

* Continued with the SQL course I've been taking.
* Changed a setting to see if it helps with CSS rendering on Heroku.

* Found out today that the third course I've been taking on Treehouse is one I haven't taken before - that's why I didn't remember this content. Silly me. I've been having fun though, and I've got just 12 minutes left before I'm done with the course. It's cool to know how to manipulate data with functions and group output by other rows.
* I changed a setting in the assets initializer for my app to see if it will help with the CSS display issue on Heroku. I added 'application.scss' in the list of files to be precompiled, but that was just based on a guess and not any googling so we'll see what happne.s

Link to work
* Here's today's commit: https://github.com/twoesplease/personal_site_blog/commit/f378eac8d57679ee9015d2c0f95b63cd6ebc837c


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