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July 29th, 2018 (7:10am - 11:02am, 4:45pm - 5:41pm)

* Worked through issue with path of faye-websocket gem since it changed with an update
* Updated link on site 'about' page to direct to Gitlab instead of Github

So often, updating things breaks something else!! It seems like such a smart thing to do but I find fixing errors of this kind (with the software installed on my machine) to be super tedious and boring. This time, the name of the faye-websocket gem changed but all the folder names on my machine didn't. After a loooong time of spelunking and experimenting, I figured ou the right combination of Gemfile and system file/folder names to change to get things working again.

I also was a little dismayed to find another link directing to Github that I didn't think to change as I was updating my other links to direct to Gitlab instead. I wonder if this is something I'll develop a better sense for or if I'll just need to be more intentional about thinking of these kinds of changes in the future.

* https://gitlab.com/twoesplease/personal_site_blog/commit/9f8aa8b61db7071741946e3a573ca9f3e5520898



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