#144HoursOfCode D38

Submitted over 4 years ago

July 26th, 2018 (7:32pm - 9:15pm)

* Changed link in site header to direct to Gitlab instead of Github
* Continued research on best practices of testing with RSpec

Even though it was a very simple change to my site, it's really nice to have even the tiniest thing that I can do (code-wise) that I don't necessarily have to look up how to do.

In terms of the videos I watched (this one & this one) on testing with RSpec, I thought they were both informative BUT not exactly for what I was looking for. One was another video covering more basic syntax. For the other, I just got sidetracked and watched the video because I thought it would be interesting and informative more than because it was on the topic I had originally searched for - it solved the coin changer kata using TDD. It really inspired me to want to write all my code going forward using TDD, but I don't know that I'm going to get there because I feel it will slow me down so much.

* https://gitlab.com/twoesplease/personal_site_blog/commit/0909a11766dae2d37085095825887064ac0c3f9b


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