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July 25th, 2018 (6pm - 8pm, 7:55pm - 8:55pm)

* Worked on a bit of refatoring for Pegacorn Project code
* Updated Gemfile to correct a security issue as requested by Heroku
* Updated resumé link on my personal site so that it opens in a separate tab rather than as an embedded JPG

I got distracted from refactoring by what I thought would be a quick detour intop updating the resumé on my personal site so that the links would be clickable (and would direct to Gitlab instead of Github). Of course, I haven't learned yet so that quick detour took a bit longer than I anticipated and I tried out a couple of solutions before finding one that sutuck. I ended up updating my routing and trying out hosting on AWS before scrapping that hosting solution. In the end I got my resumé opening in a new tab with clickable links, and I think it's a much better and more interactive experience for those wanting to check out my code. Didn't get much done in the way of refactoring though!

* https://gitlab.com/twoesplease/personal_site_blog/commit/1b9b9fb5995e4d3cc0b43b33e43f2f64f5d5fe75
* https://gitlab.com/twoesplease/personal_site_blog/commit/08a6006f269bff28edf73ff37b8e1b823e8151a3


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