#144HoursOfCode D35 - D36

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July 23rd, 2018 (1:20pm - 2pm) &
July 24th, 2018 (1:10pm - 1:40pm, 6pm - 8pm)

* Read documentation on RSPec syntax & good testing principles using RSpec
* Read a bit about the Law of Demeter on Wikipedia
* Continued watching Hoist Your IO
* Attended Open Source Night School

It's much easier to find documentation on basic RSPec syntax, but more difficult to find documentation online about testing best practices using RSPec. I wonder if I'm looking in the wrong places, or if there just isn't a ton of documentation on testing strategy (instead of syntax) online.

I was also pleased to find that the Law of Demeter was a concept that was pretty easy to follow, and while I haven't really run into it in my day-to-day coding adventures I can see some situations in which it might be useful.

I found Hoist Your IO a bit more difficult to follow. I'm not sure if it was a little more complex than my brain was feeling like processing at the moment, if my energy level had just dropped, or if my brain got tired from trying to analyze python code. Either way, I heard some helpful nuggets in there but not a ton of it stuck around for long.

Regarding the Night School course, this was an "Intro to Open Source" course taught through work. I found it really interesting and learned a bit about the history of open source, the different kinds of open source licenses, and comparisons of different kinds of open source environments that are out there to work in. I really enjoyed hearing the presenter's (passionate) reasons for caring about/working on open source, and was reminded of some of the awesome open source tools that the tech community at large uses constantly.

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