100 Days of Code R2D13

Submitted almost 5 years ago

(1:09pm - 2:29pm), with a fire break in the middle

* Continued the third of three SQL courses that I wanted to re-take on Treehouse.

* I'm having fun with the increasing difficulty level of these courses, and I'm getting to material I don't remember doing as well. I'm still feeling pretty well in my comfort zone though, so I'm probably not learning quiiiite as much as I should be. Definitely a good refresher though.
* Checking in at this time of the day, my CSS is still here! We'll see how things look tomorrow.
* I also asked a coworker a Git question today and explaining things out loud helped me get a better understanding of how I could look up what I need to know, so that was helpful. He explained a bit too, but more helpful was me just thinking about it so that I could explain it to another person.

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* No commits to link to today.


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