#144HoursOfCode D33

Submitted over 4 years ago

(6:25pm - 9:40pm)

* Implemented dep for managing dependencies in Poncho app
* Added readme for Poncho app
* Continued work on refactoring watch_chat_waits.rb for Pegacorn Project

The error message I was running into yesterday with dep didn't show up today, so it seems it was a 'turn it off and back on again' type of issue. The next error message I ran into was that I was told none of the dependencies I tried to add were required in any .go files in the project, despite the fact that they were. Adding them again and re-saving the file didn't work, but then I got a message telling me to swap out a word in my Gopkg.toml file to override the error and that worked. I also got a readme added to Github for the Poncho project.

Next I continued work on refactoring the watch_chat_waits.rbfile in Pegacorn Project - multiple nested do blocks are tricky. Lately, running that file keeps telling me that chat wait times aren't available so I decide to double check my credentials. A call to the real-time chat REST API told me I was unauthorized, so I started on the process of generating new authorization credentials and ran into snags every step of the way! I remembered this process being intensive and finicky, and it seems even more so this time around! Even when following all the steps listed in Zendesk's help documentation on this topic and successfully generating new credentials, I'm continually being told I'm not authorized. That's where I ran out of time this evening, so I'll have to get back to work on that at my next opportunity.



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