#144HoursOfCode D27

Submitted over 4 years ago

(8:30pm - 10:48pm)

* Continued refactoring code in countgoodratings file of Pegacorn Project
--> Continued moving code to smaller methods
--> Started replacing instance variables with method parameters
* Asked for help!!

As I was thinking about refactoring this code, I thought that if I were already on a software engineering team, I would be able to learn lots of style and design rules from my teammates. That inspired me to reach out in the Ruby channel of the CodeNewbies Slack team and I received a couple of really helpful and thoughtful responses! Today's refactoring was based on that advice, which included tips like:
* Add more helper methods
* Replace capital letters in method names (I think this carried over from coding in Go for a project)
* Organize code from 'big methods' to 'small methods'
* Remove a 1.times do block since the code is already going to run one time (#-.-#)

* https://github.com/twoesplease/pegacorn_project/commit/38bbf0a5ac3fb092b681bbd6c3c44041e8c55bc2


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