#144HoursOfCode D17

Submitted over 4 years ago

(3:50pm - 5:13pm, 5:20pm - 7:30pm)

* Fixed a weird issue I was running into with tmux
* Successfully interpolated lat/long data into the weather API & get weather data
* Moved API keys into environment variables

I took off this week to focus on coding, but I took it easy this morning. I started my day off later than I'll start any of the other days by working on an issue with tmux where it was inserting tabs randomly when I tried to type terminal commands, like this: https://cl.ly/2L2A0R1g2A0Q I spent longer on it than I expected to, but having tmux properly working will end up saving me a good bit of time over using separate windows in iTerm. It seems that (in tmux only), my emoji prompt was causing weird spacing issues, but ticking a setting box in iTerm (after trying lots of other solutions) was what fixed the issue. I couldn't find the answer to this issue anywhere online, so it took some experimenting for me to figure it out.

Next, I finally got through the issue on my Poncho golang app that I was stuck on, and was able to successfully convert the type of the lat/long data that was being output from the Google geocoding API and parsed by a third-party library to the string that I needed it to be in order to successfully interpolate into my weather app's API. Next, I used some good old fashioned print statement debugging to figure out why my call to the Darksky API was returning nil -- it needed a GET request instead of the unusual POST request that I copy pasted from my Google geocoding API call. Following that, I used this library to create environment variables for my API keys so I wouldn't have to keep deleting them for my git commits and then adding them back to my file afterward.

My next step for this app is to organize the structure, because it's currently a bit horrifying. The other main step is to create more options for users of the app to request different kinds of weather data.

* https://github.com/twoesplease/poncho/commit/594d2baf0d518c39bf80326c44310be9445d2a19
* https://github.com/twoesplease/poncho/commit/2ea267bb4c6c9e5e4b9c79a3c59ba93d075daccc
* https://github.com/twoesplease/poncho/commit/cd3afd4e38bdfd6c3dfde48c8714f416aaa79b5d


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