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This update is for Saturday, June 16th 2018

(9am - 12pm, 1pm - 5pm)

* Attended an all-day CodeRetreat event where we paired in 45-minute sessions with different constraints to improve our testing, communication, and stylistic code writing skills

This was definitely an experience that got me out of my comfort zone! I was less experienced than everyone (or almost everyone, I'm not certain) at the event, and also found that almost everyone there was coding in Java, C#, or JavaScript. I was embarrassed about not knowing some of the things I felt I should, but I also got some practice with writing tests and communicating ideas about code with other people. I've never pair programmed and have done very little talking about my code aloud, so this was definitely something I needed to do.

The constraints we used during the event were focused around the "Rules of Simple Design" that this company used:
1. Passes all tests
2. Clear & expressive
3. No duplication
4. Minimal

The restraints for the sessions that we went through were as follows:
* No constraints
* No naked primitives: primitives cannot cross method boundaries
* Mute, evil, ping-pong: partners can't talk, one partner writes tests, and the other partner 'evilly' solves the tests in a way they don't think the person who wrote the tests intended them to be solved
* 2-minute drill: write a test & the code to pass it within 2 minutes, then commit it in git. If you don't have your tests passing within 2 minutes, you have to do a git reset to delete all your progress to go back to your last commit that passed tests.
* No constraints, but try to apply what we learned

All in all, I think I got some great experience, learned more about things that I need to learn more about, and picked up some good tips - like never be more than 2 minutes away (or 2 undos away) from green (on your tests).


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