#144HoursOfCode D11

Submitted over 4 years ago

(5:50 - 8:05pm)

* Potentially fixed the CSS display issue on my blog
* Continued work on my go app, Poncho
* Started using tmux
* Outside of my official coding time, I also watched Sandi Metz's Get A Whiff of This talk on code smells

I got a chance to read through the Heroku resources I had open in my browser, and I made a change that I think is promising! In this article, I saw that Heroku checks whether you've compiled assets locally OR it will compile them for you. This led me to believe that Heroku wouldn't compile assets for you if it seems. you've compiled them locally. The CSS wasn't loading on my blog at all when I started working on this, and as soon as I deleted the public/assets file and re-committed to Heroku, my CSS worked immediately. That may have been a coincidence, but I hope it wasn't. It still doesn't explain why the CSS was loading intermittently, but I found some relevant information in heroku logs to submit to Heroku support if my latest change didn't fix things.

I also got tmux set up on my machine and twiddled a bit longer than I meant to getting some settings right. I think that using tmux will end up being a big time savings for me over the long run, though. I used tmux while I worked on my Go app today. While I didn't get anything new working today, I learned a good bit about what doesn't work (including a third-party library I tried out), and I saw that lots of people ask questions about accessing information in nested JSON with Go - so at least I'm far from the only one who's experienced this problem. I also found a new library that I can try out during my last hour for this weekend tomorrow, and maybe it'll do the trick.

Here's today's commit to fix up my blog (hopefully):
* https://github.com/twoesplease/personal_site_blog/commit/819120b9f5bb6d1fc78a62d3aae44f304c5dd417

I didn't make any commits on Poncho app today since nothing really changed.


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