#144HoursofCode D9

Submitted over 4 years ago

(12pm - 1pm, 1:20pm - 1:32pm, & 1:42 pm - 2:15pm, then some extra time in the evening )

* Watched Vaidehi Joshi's talk A Machine State of Mind with the #lunchconf group at work today and discussed it afterward
* Continued Treehouse's Go course
* Updated my resumé

It's nice to be able to hold a conversation with engineers at work and feel like I'm not terribly behind. Plus, Vaidehi Joshi is SUPER AWESOME and I was excited to watch a talk she gave.

I'm also so close to done on Treehouse's Go course! I'll finish it tomorrow and be able to start on a Go Project to add to my portfolio.

Finally, I also completely redid my resumé to have it ready to apply for a dev job! This step feels really good for me because it is a concrete piece of the puzzle that I needed to get ready to apply for jobs. Yay! 🎉

Sidenote: As I type this, all the CSS on my site is gone. I need to take some of my coding time tomorrow to try & sort that out.

No commits today, but I've got a link to my updated resume!


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