100 Days of Code R2D12

Submitted almost 5 years ago

(1:09pm - 2:09pm)

* Finished the second SQL course I was re-doing on Treehouse.
* Started on the third (of three) SQL course I want to re-do on Treehouse.
* Changed settings on blog app to precompile assets automatically (I think).
* Updated readme for blog on Github.
* Downloaded latest backup of my blog database to make sure I could.
* Had first meeting with new mentor.

* When checking out my blog today, I noticed that the styling was gone again despite having not made any changes to it yesterday! Precompiling assets and making a new commit didn't fix things, but making a change and then precompiling assets + committing did. I made a change to my config settings based on the answer to an old question I found in the Treehouse forums, and I'm hoping that will help my styling stop disappearing overnight.

I also downloaded the latest backup for my blog database to check that it contained the right data, but something was up with the encoding and I couldn't read it all. I don't want to test right now that restoring from the backup works because I'd have to wipe out new data, but perhaps I'll do it at some point soon.

I also set a goal for myself to finish this 3rd of the 3 Treehouse SQL courses I wanted to take by the end of the week, so I'm barreling right through them. I'm getting pretty much everything right so far, so still glad that this info is sticking in my brain. I rarely get things right the first time when I'm coding on my own (without the aid of a course), so this is a welcome change hehe! 😊

I've also noticed that since accidentally wiping out my database, I did at least meet my goal of no longer running into an issue with new blog posts not getting a unique index.

Finally, my meeting with my new mentor went great today and I think he'll be able to give me some good guidance to help me become a better software engineer 🙌

Link to work
Here are today's commits:
* https://github.com/twoesplease/personal_site_blog/commit/4eb62d3fbb7ef120be6f95a020b619e270e69f5e
* https://github.com/twoesplease/personal_site_blog/commit/03661e03f514856d0dc66cbe490fc03f11556fb1
* https://github.com/twoesplease/personal_site_blog/commit/93f67ac015deb80d5367deba0193b0271f99da4f
* https://github.com/twoesplease/personal_site_blog/commit/9db389cd49b5dd3e2cc38fa4760905abe63a9fc7
* https://github.com/twoesplease/personal_site_blog/commit/a655539f688ea805e9794a2faa0aef2834157170


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