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(8:15pm - 10:27pm)

* Continued TreeHouse Go Language Overview course & made it through syntax, flow control, data structures, and about halfway through custom types
* Noticed a new weird blog + CSS behavior after a change I made yesterday
* Had to skip my lunch break today so I'll need to make up that hour somewhere later this week

Go (or at least the Treehouse Go exercise checker) seems to be a lot more picky about syntax than Ruby is!

I can understand and describe (today at least) how pointers work and how to use the * and & syntax with them, but using them properly in practice is a different story and I definitely need more practice! I also want to review the difference between methods and functions - I've been able to use the syntax for each properly, but I don't have down the 'why' behind using one over another.

Hopefully tomorrow or the day after I can be done with the course and started on my new Go project!

As a side note, I made a change to my blog app's code yesterday and today I noticed that the CSS was all there in the middle of the day. Later in the day when I checked, there was ABSOLUTELY no styling. And now at 10:27pm, everything is looking peachy. The changes I made were clearing out my public/assets folder and changing the config file so that assets aren't automatically precompiled. At least I've got a different result, eh? And now, I also have screenshots with timestamps to back up my claims. If I review all the Heroku resources that mention the rails asset pipeline (I've got 5 tabs open now) and don't find info that helps me, I'll reach out to Heroku's support team.

No commits for today.



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