#144HoursofCode D7

Submitted over 4 years ago

(1:15pm - 2:15pm)

* Restarted the Go Treehouse course "Go Language Overview" and made it almost to the end of the "Go Syntax" section

I generally like to complete some actual coding during my coding time, and I was itching to do so during this hour. However, I want to show some diversity in my portfolio and show that I have the ability to learn new languages. Plus, I have some experience with go so I want to add some Go projects to my portfolio.

I want to go back and improve the other projects in my portfolio, but I know I could spend quite a bit of time making improvments on those and I want to get this piece of my portfolio added before going back to those.

One fun thing about reviewing this Go course is that the first time I started learning about how Go works I found it quite intimidating. This time, my thoughts were more along the lines of, "This looks fun! I want to get out there and write some code!" and, "I can see why the Go developers may have wanted to do it that way! That seems thoughtful and helpful of them!" -- so that's exciting! I also have a book called "The Go Programming Language" that I can use for reference (and really want to read all the way through at some point) on these Go projects too.

No commits today.


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