#144HoursOfCode D5

Submitted over 4 years ago

(1:15pm - 2:15pm)

* Continued working on implementing devise in budget app
* Asked for help in one of my tech Slack channels for the CSS issue with Heroku

First the user_authenticate! before_filter wasn't recognized as a method, and I realized that I hadn't added devise_for :users into my routes. Then, I wasn't able to access existing user information that had the user_authenticate! before_filter because the required authentication information wasn't a part of existing user profiles. Once I created a new user that had the required information, I found that the user profile wasn't accessible because there were three different lookups for user information, and 2 of them were still looking for user_id but were searching the database for the beginning of the uuid - I'm not sure why, but this didn't happen with older user records. I grepped and found all instances of user_id in the entire directory for the app and changed all the ones that made sense to. This fixed 2 of the three lookups, but one is still looking for user_id instead of `user_slug.' This explains the problem that I encountered yesterday, when entering a user ID in the URL still works - but I've gotta determine where that third lookup for user ID is originating - the error logs in browser and in the rails server aren't giving me much info there.

Regarding asking for help on Slack for my Heroku issue, the folks there weren't able to help me out (they tried though!). They directed me to Heroku support, but it looks like I may not be able to get tech support from a human for this type of issue. I'll look again and see if I can submit a ticket just to ask if Heroku can help me.

No commits for today.


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