100 Days of Code R2D10

Submitted almost 3 years ago

(1:08pm - 2:08pm)

* Finished the first SQL course on Treehouse that I was working on
* Started on next Treehouse SQL course
* Double checked that the automatic backup I set up for my app database on Heroku ran

* I've already taken these SQL courses on Treehouse, but now I see a couple more that I haven't taken yet. I'm wondering if I want to take those, or move along to refreshing on some of my other skills. Probably the latter.

I also verified that the automatic backup for my database on Heroku ran, and it did!:

console showing that my database backup ran successfully
Now I just need to double check that the data is showing up in there properly.

Also, when opening my blog's webpage today, I noticed that much of the styling was missing again - even though I spent some time yesterday precompiling assets several times to get it to show properly. I wonder why it's resetting?!?! Oh well, at least it's working for the moment.

Link to work:
* Here's today's daily asset precompilation commit: https://github.com/twoesplease/personal_site_blog/commit/190fb7fbf5bdd6663b5a83c7a07074c8ca3ad937



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